Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good & Bad: '24: Live Another Day' (6/9/14)


'24: Live Another Day' Hour 7

Plot: Let’s try to keep this brief, shall we? Part of the reason is that I’m running a little late on this thing. The real reason is that I fell asleep for about 5-10 minutes of this episode. Not necessarily an indication of its quality (ok well sorta), but more of a critique of my sleeping pattern as of late.
So, the condensed version: Simone isn’t in great shape after getting hit by a bus last week, imagine that? Jack and Kate catch up with her at the hospital, but she ain’t talking. Luckily, Simone’s neice is very much talking and she tells Kate all sorts of info about her aunt Simone. Mama Stark finds out Simone was set to betray her and orders a drone strike on the hospital. Jack and Kate get Simone out right as the drone strike hits, but she’s fading quickly. Jack is all set to drop Simone off with Kate at the CIA and go rendezvous with Heller when the episode ends.
                Elsewhere, Heller gives Prime Minister Stephen Fry a stern talking to about meddling in ‘Murka’s affairs and Fry immediately gets all grovely and apologizes. Remember who’s top dog these days, Brits.
                Johnny Depp bearded tech is hot on Bratt’s double agent tail, we find out the mysterious person on the phone with Bratt last week was Michael Wincott and at the end of the episode some crony manages to mess up killing Johnny Depp bearded tech, presumably on Bratt’s orders. Just because, you know, we can’t have anyone being too good at their jobs.
                Let’s see, the Russians want Jack and they’re pretty certain Chief of Staff guy is a lying traitor type person who wanted to put one over on them.
                This whole putting the Brits in their place while Mama Stark drone strikes everything has gotten old for Heller, though. So, he takes off his old man sweater, puts on his President jacket and contacts Mama Stark, possibly to turn himself in to her. We don’t know because the episode ends on this sensational cliffhanger … until the preview for next week’s episode answers that question for us, yeah, he’s going to give himself up to her.

Bad: Kate cut out of pre-episode recap. Ah well, getting tortured and killed dudes with your thighs just doesn’t carry as much weight as it used to.

Bad: Spine not required to be Prime Minister. Amazingly the Prime Minister was able to resist the urge to offer to wash President Heller’s motorcade. Sure you were wrong to interfere, but seriously you’re a politician. An important part of that is never admitting you were wrong unless there’s videotape.

Good: Michael Wincott, mole-keeper. I honestly am just glad Michael Wincott is back doing stuff again. I’d be happy to watch him actually keep moles, so yeah watching him make spooky voices at Benjamin Bratt over the phone is totally cool.

Bad: More of Johnny Depp bearded tech. Let’s just digitally replace him with Chloe, plot be damned.

Good: Mama Stark goes all Joker on a hospital. Nothing shows you’re a psycho quite like taking out a hospital … I mean, other than cutting your daughter’s finger off, killing her husband in front of her, ordering her to kill her sister in law and niece, drone striking everything in sight …

Good: The Russian guy has a moustache on his upper AND lower lips.

Bad: Everyone knows Depp techs aren’t vulnerable to bullets. If he wanted to hurt him, that assassin should have just thrown the script to “Dark Shadows” at him. That would have done some damage.

Good: Heller’s prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice. Hey Britain, our leader is going to give his life to save millions of people, what’s your leader doing? Writing “I’m sorry for getting in America’s way” 10,000 times on a blackboard? Maybe it’s time to seriously consider giving the reins back to the royals.  

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